Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Border painting

Photo: Close-up of a small part of the border painting.

I found the church empty and spent three hours painting leafy vines and little red flowers along approximately 50 feet of border next to the floor. If I had done this ten years ago, I wouldn't have been in such pain. By the last half hour my neck hurt, my eyes were unfocused, and my wrist was aching because of the angle at which I had to hold the paintbrush.

Tomorrow I will return and finish the job, which should take me about an hour. I don't want the entire room to seem engulfed in vines and leaves, so above the window and around two doors and I will write short scripture verses, exactly which is yet to be determined.

This evening the Vacation Bible School leaders seemed to like my border. They called everyone in to look at it. They said, "Why don't you use stamps or a stencil?" I said, "Because I have no luck with those things, and they take three times as long as free-hand painting." I didn't say the other part of my reason, that I like a design that isn't so predictable.

One of my fellow sufferers, knowing I'm finishing the job in a hurry because I'm planning on attending a different church, said, "What if someone just decides to paint it over?"

"Fine with me," I said. "It won't hurt my feelings at all. But I'm quite sure they won't get around to any redecoration for a good long time." Before I painted the borders, that room was so baby blue bare it was depressing. Now it is the only bright and cheery classroom in the church.

I'm going to hide my signature somewhere, and date it. Wonder if it will ever be noticed. . .

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