Monday, December 6, 2004

The weekend

A student, Elias, told me last week that he decided he was going to trick the tooth fairy. He had lost two teeth, and with the teeth he put a toenail that he had, for one reason or another, lost off his toe. When he checked under his pillow in the morning, the teeth were still there, along with $2.00, but the toenail was gone. The student was ecstatic at having tricked the tooth fairy. Some parents have such fun.

Yesterday my mother tried to mow the lawn. She had a miserable time. Did one whole round of the place only to discover she didn't have the blades in gear. On top of that, the engine kept cutting out, and she couldn't start it again. She sat on the yard swing looking very discouraged. I went and put my arm around her and told her she didn't have to take sweetie's place. She said she wanted to mow the lawn because she didn't want Dad to overwork.

Dad and I were digging ditches to repair the buried electronic fence for Mattie. Mattie has taken to visiting the neighbors across the street, and she is an idiot about cars. I could see her getting knocked flat. So Dad and I dug up the wire, a tough job in our clay soil, found (or made) four breaks, repaired them, and the wire works fine again. That took all day.

Dreamed this morning that someone needed to have sweetie around to get a picture of us kissing, so they brought him back, warmed him up, and he was alive again, thinner than before, but alive. We made our kiss for the camera last a long time. I was told I could only have him back for a little while, but in my dream he stayed around for hours. When I awoke the empty feeling was back. I suppose I have to get used to it.

Woke up this morning at 7:30 am, so it was a rush to get to school. Drank some powdered something-or-other instead of eating breakfast. Ever since then I've had this heartburn feeling. Makes me think about the feeling sweetie complained of, his last day. My heart pain has many origins - my breakfast (or lack thereof), crying (or holding back from crying, I suppose), possibly real heartburn (but it doesn't have quite the same feeling), and maybe just a messed-up mind. I don't think I have heart problems.

This week we have half-days at school because of parent conferences in the afternoons. It is polymer clay week for my students. Today they made Santa ornaments. Exhausts me, but they have fun, learn how to pay attention to directions, and will be writing about one thing they made next week. Little do they know. . .

I came home early today, sickish. My cells are missing someone important. I have dinner tonight with friends.

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