Monday, October 31, 2005

Things to do

After being awakened early this morning by the chopper throbbing overhead, I went back to bed and slept until 7:23 - that’s 8:23 daylight time, to which my system is still accustomed - and that is very unusual, to sleep in so late. I had weird dreams in vivid color, dreams of the travel variety.

This is my to do list for the day:
  • Finish putting in baseboards
  • Return unused materials to the flooring store and hope for a refund
  • Work on designing my Christmas card
  • Pick up Rx
  • Hang pictures back on walls
  • Determine amount of fabric needed to make Roman shades for my windows
  • Determine exactly what I am going to use instead of miniblinds on my patio door
  • Organize craft room
  • Buy an extra iron and ironing board
  • Call girls and see if they are coming for Thanksgiving
Maybe I should’ve said that’s my to do list for the week (or maybe the month).

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

On the road

Yesterday I drove down the highway to visit friends, and marveled at how much of the farmland (thousands of acres) has been covered with malls and housing developments in the last five years. I thought of the produce in the grocery store, how most of the fruit now comes from S. America or Australia, and how our country is setting itself up for famine. We who used to feed the world are now becoming dependent; some country or the world gets mad at us, cuts off our food, and all we'll have to eat are our cars and computers.

So much for the doom and gloom.

Last night we played Mexican Train (dominoes), and I didn't win once. Something must be off on my strategy. We all said how much more fun it would have been with sweetie. All that testosterone-enhanced goofy competitiveness was missing.

I'll be back at home before noon today, that's my plan. My goal is to do the finishing touches on the flooring; some of the molding at the doorways needs to be put in - then repaint the living room which I had painted overwhelmingly green and don't think I like much.

I've been offered a lot of crown molding by my friends here, leftover from their home improvement project. If I take them up on it, I'll be busy measuring and cutting and stapling for a good long while. Pondering. .

Next weekend I'll be in Seattle (last night I dreamed I was at the airport to board the plane and didn't have anything with me - boarding pass, makeup, ID, cell phone, underwear… I was especially concerned about the underwear; one of the identifying components of dreams—weird concerns).

The following week I'll be driving to Loveland, CO, with a girlfriend for a high school reunion. Once that's over, it will be good to be a homebody again.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Little progress

Missing tool found. Mind still missing bits. Things progressing slowly. While remodeling happens, so does life: bill paying, showers, laundry, mail, telephoning, e-mailing, weeding, mowing, gardening. I know I left out more busy-ness than I included.

I have to pull up part of the floor to fix something. No fun.

You wouldn't believe what I'm not writing here.

Guess I'd better get back to working on one of those items listed in the first paragraph.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost minds and other items

It's back to working on the flooring again today. Having Mondays and Fridays off is SOOOOO wonderful. The trouble right now is that I can't find an essential tool, a staple puller, that I was using yesterday, and work cannot commence until I find it. If Shell were here, she'd say, “Oh, Mom, you're so creative!” which being translated means, ”You're so scatterbrained!” Right, Shell? I know you read this!!!

When I was at Sharper Image last week I saw a great device for attaching to keys, etc. Trouble is, it was for eight different items that people tend to lose, and it cost accordingly. If I could find such a gizmo for just my keys and my mind, I could save a lot of money and looking time. I would never have thought to put it on the staple puller.

I needed to use the jigsaw this morning. “Dad,” I said when he came over to help, “Where is the jigsaw?”

He looked puzzled. “Jigsaw?”

“Yes, you know the electric jigsaw that I need to cut curves.”

“What's a jigsaw?”

Then the light came on and he said, ”Oh, I know. It's in a box high on the shelf above the workbench.”

I went out and found it there, sure enough, in a box on the shelf, clearly labeled JIGSAW in Dad’s hand.

It’s genetic, this mind thing.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mystery package

Received in the mail:

John Grisham's Street Lawyer in a manilla envelope. Return address is in CT, a state I have not had the privilege to visit, and the sender's name is not familiar to me.

I can't figure this one out.

Turned in my leave of absence request. Waiting to see what will happen. The leave requests are due in April, so my unhappy principal told me as she stood in the breezeway, painting out nasty graffiti that had been spray painted on all the school exterior walls and murals. So sad to see those murals painted out. If I'd known she was going to paint over them, I would have offered to repair them instead.

Ordered my flooring. Should be in by next Wednesday. Discovered how much more wonderful it is to shop in a small store than to go to Home Depot or Costco, etc. Wow! The service at Floors 2 Go is wonderful.

Bought paint for the dining room, not at Home Depot.

Took 6 window screens to be re-screened. When I opened the above-the-sink kitchen window for air last night, I didn't think about the screen not being there until Margie the cat appeared inside the house. She must be quite a jumper, getting that high from the lower ground level outside, but what surprised me more than the jump was that she noticed the open window so quickly.

The other night I was sitting on the porcelain throne in the bathroom when there was a scraping at the open bathroom window. I immediately thought male intruder and turned off the lights as soon as I could get to the switch. Now I realize it must've been Margie.

Back to sorting papers. Fun.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The dominoes game

Summer is truly here. Well, almost, according to the calendar. Normally we'd be having 100 degree temps about now, but today it didn't get much above 60, with a steady rain all afternoon.

Summer is truly here, weather or not, and I need to accomplish something. I should probably make a schedule, or at least a checklist.

I'm waiting for the dominoes to fall.

One is that I still am on the fence about quitting work, but at the moment leaning toward teaching full-time at least one more year; I'm waiting for a return call from the district office.

I need to paint the other half of my studio floor, but I need to wait for the electrician to come so that the floor won't be wet at precisely the same time he arrives.

I need to finish painting my bathroom walls, but I'm waiting for my rotator cuff injury to heal.

I want to knock down my front closet in order to open up my living room, but I'm waiting for an expert to come and tell me if my roof will fall in if I do it.

I need to start putting in my new flooring, which I still need to order, but I need to have the above closet question answered first.

I should finish the dating/wedding scrapbook I'm making for my parents. I have four more pages to do. I'm waiting for inspiration.

I have ten ATCs (artist trading cards) to make. I'll start those tomorrow and depend on the inspiration to come once my hands start their tasks.

I want to cut the parts for my second quilt, but I'm waiting for the fabrics to get out of the drier.

I should pick beets and beans from the garden, but it's 9:15 at night. I'm waiting for morning.

I should call my brother-in-law, because Uncle Junius died this weekend. Guess there's nothing keeping me from that save the fear that I'll be carrying on a long conversation, and talking is not something I do well at this time of night.

To the phone...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

To leave or not to leave

10:37 Bedtime. Guess I should go. Yeah, I'll do that.

Still tempted, so tempted, to take a leave of absence next year.

I'm in the process of getting ready to paint the floor of my "studio." Can't decide what colors, type of paint, etc. It seems concrete can be painted with specific concrete paints and stains, or you can even use regular latex, if the concrete is prepared correctly and everything sealed when finished. I don't want a one-color floor. I want to do interesting things on it. After all, it is a shop building, and anything should look just fine out there. I need a year off to do it right. Sounds good - a year off to paint the floor, etc.

The only thing that bothers me is if I take a year off, will I regret it when I'm 82 and don't have enough $ coming in because I diminished my pension by taking the year off? I believe the right answer will be given me. I'm continuing to make it a matter of prayer. In a multitude of counselors there is wisdom.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

New patterns for living

My right arm continues to protest the fact that I overdid it on the weights last Monday, well over ten days ago. I'm quite sure that whatever I injured, it wasn't just a muscle. My two-day per week visits to the club have been good for me, and I feel good afterwards. On Wednesday I decided I might as well buy something suitable to wear while at the gym and discovered the choices were: tight pants that show underwear lines (haven't gotten used to thong "butt floss" underwear, and probably never will), capri pants, and pants that are too long for me. I got the too-long pants and will need to take up 2 inches in the hem.

I saw him in my dream - at a bank or a bookstore, something like that. He looked haggard. I approached him. "Aren't you sorry now that you left me?" I said. The scene faded to fuzzy browns.

The Friday night Bible study group is going well. There are usually 10-14 here, crowding my living room. We nibble snacks, drink fruity teas, sing songs from Maranatha, and study the book of John.

I go to church at various places, but tomorrow will go to my home church since my brother will be visiting. It's so hard to go there, knowing how unjustly the former "pastor" maligned my sweetie, and how readily the members believed him. Sweetie and I finally decided that the reason the members were so ready to believe the lie was because sweetie was an attorney. A Christian attorney seems an oxymoron to so many, yet sweetie had determined he would never mislead anyone in any part of his life, including his cases and court trials. He kept that vow, and yet in his short career he never lost a case. My dad said, "God brought our church an attorney. They did not appreciate him, so He took him back." I don't believe that's how God works, but I understand Dad's feeling.

The morning sun, filtered by the olive trees, shone through the window. I was surprised to see him standing in the kitchen, putting his breakfast bowl into the sink. He was wearing a suit and a red tie. So it had all been a nightmare after all. I turned to my daughters who were lounging about, reading. "You'll never guess the terrible dream I had last night," I said. I turned back to the kitchen. He was gone. Not a shadow left.

I've always wanted to quilt. Two dear friends claim they want to also, but I think they just want to give me company. We took the one-day foundation piecing class, and they've been at my house 3-4 times since in the evenings, working on their quilted table runners with me. Besides the dining table, I have three tables that I set up and take down each time so that we all have a space to work. Soon my table runner will be finished.

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Update without art

A lot has happened. Or maybe not much at all. Doesn't matter either way, since I don't remember any of it.

School has started up again. Kids have forgotten everything I've taught them, and have lost all logical thinking skills. Today I laid into them, didn't let them even crack their mouths without my say-so. Part way into a very QUIET class, the power went out. Still don't know why. Had no power for two hours. The room was dark (kids thought it was "cool"), and the air in our portable classroom got colder and colder. I read to them by the dim light from the tinted window, holding the book up within 4 inches of my face, peering over the top of my glasses. I must've been a picture. The kids were so good I let them start making papier mache "men" for the last hour.

I've told the school district I want to job share next year so that I can more easily finish my master's degree. They offered me a couple of 50% positions at a couple of different schools, but I told them that would defeat my purpose, because a Resource position at a new school is very labor intensive and I'd end up working nearly 100% for a 50% salary.

I told them that if I couldn't job share in my current position, I'd look into job sharing a regular ed position. That puts a little pressure on them, because it is hard to find a fully qualified special education teacher, and they hate losing a special ed teacher to regular ed. I also proposed the possibility of doing testing, IEP write-ups and IEP meetings across the district, as needed. Will see what transpires.

On Tuesday I went to a quilt shop and signed up for a class. Bought the cotton prints I need for the quilt. The fabric for the top alone cost $36, and this is only for an 18" x 48" table runner. Once I get the thing done, the original cost plus the time I put into it will make it one of the more valuable things I own.

I started a Friday night Bible study at my house. Besides my parents, three people came; two who had planned to come were sick; three others who had planned to come didn't think it was until next week. Things may fizzle, but I'm not giving up yet.

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