Friday, January 7, 2005

Update without art

A lot has happened. Or maybe not much at all. Doesn't matter either way, since I don't remember any of it.

School has started up again. Kids have forgotten everything I've taught them, and have lost all logical thinking skills. Today I laid into them, didn't let them even crack their mouths without my say-so. Part way into a very QUIET class, the power went out. Still don't know why. Had no power for two hours. The room was dark (kids thought it was "cool"), and the air in our portable classroom got colder and colder. I read to them by the dim light from the tinted window, holding the book up within 4 inches of my face, peering over the top of my glasses. I must've been a picture. The kids were so good I let them start making papier mache "men" for the last hour.

I've told the school district I want to job share next year so that I can more easily finish my master's degree. They offered me a couple of 50% positions at a couple of different schools, but I told them that would defeat my purpose, because a Resource position at a new school is very labor intensive and I'd end up working nearly 100% for a 50% salary.

I told them that if I couldn't job share in my current position, I'd look into job sharing a regular ed position. That puts a little pressure on them, because it is hard to find a fully qualified special education teacher, and they hate losing a special ed teacher to regular ed. I also proposed the possibility of doing testing, IEP write-ups and IEP meetings across the district, as needed. Will see what transpires.

On Tuesday I went to a quilt shop and signed up for a class. Bought the cotton prints I need for the quilt. The fabric for the top alone cost $36, and this is only for an 18" x 48" table runner. Once I get the thing done, the original cost plus the time I put into it will make it one of the more valuable things I own.

I started a Friday night Bible study at my house. Besides my parents, three people came; two who had planned to come were sick; three others who had planned to come didn't think it was until next week. Things may fizzle, but I'm not giving up yet.

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