Friday, February 11, 2005

New patterns for living

My right arm continues to protest the fact that I overdid it on the weights last Monday, well over ten days ago. I'm quite sure that whatever I injured, it wasn't just a muscle. My two-day per week visits to the club have been good for me, and I feel good afterwards. On Wednesday I decided I might as well buy something suitable to wear while at the gym and discovered the choices were: tight pants that show underwear lines (haven't gotten used to thong "butt floss" underwear, and probably never will), capri pants, and pants that are too long for me. I got the too-long pants and will need to take up 2 inches in the hem.

I saw him in my dream - at a bank or a bookstore, something like that. He looked haggard. I approached him. "Aren't you sorry now that you left me?" I said. The scene faded to fuzzy browns.

The Friday night Bible study group is going well. There are usually 10-14 here, crowding my living room. We nibble snacks, drink fruity teas, sing songs from Maranatha, and study the book of John.

I go to church at various places, but tomorrow will go to my home church since my brother will be visiting. It's so hard to go there, knowing how unjustly the former "pastor" maligned my sweetie, and how readily the members believed him. Sweetie and I finally decided that the reason the members were so ready to believe the lie was because sweetie was an attorney. A Christian attorney seems an oxymoron to so many, yet sweetie had determined he would never mislead anyone in any part of his life, including his cases and court trials. He kept that vow, and yet in his short career he never lost a case. My dad said, "God brought our church an attorney. They did not appreciate him, so He took him back." I don't believe that's how God works, but I understand Dad's feeling.

The morning sun, filtered by the olive trees, shone through the window. I was surprised to see him standing in the kitchen, putting his breakfast bowl into the sink. He was wearing a suit and a red tie. So it had all been a nightmare after all. I turned to my daughters who were lounging about, reading. "You'll never guess the terrible dream I had last night," I said. I turned back to the kitchen. He was gone. Not a shadow left.

I've always wanted to quilt. Two dear friends claim they want to also, but I think they just want to give me company. We took the one-day foundation piecing class, and they've been at my house 3-4 times since in the evenings, working on their quilted table runners with me. Besides the dining table, I have three tables that I set up and take down each time so that we all have a space to work. Soon my table runner will be finished.

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