Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mystery package

Received in the mail:

John Grisham's Street Lawyer in a manilla envelope. Return address is in CT, a state I have not had the privilege to visit, and the sender's name is not familiar to me.

I can't figure this one out.

Turned in my leave of absence request. Waiting to see what will happen. The leave requests are due in April, so my unhappy principal told me as she stood in the breezeway, painting out nasty graffiti that had been spray painted on all the school exterior walls and murals. So sad to see those murals painted out. If I'd known she was going to paint over them, I would have offered to repair them instead.

Ordered my flooring. Should be in by next Wednesday. Discovered how much more wonderful it is to shop in a small store than to go to Home Depot or Costco, etc. Wow! The service at Floors 2 Go is wonderful.

Bought paint for the dining room, not at Home Depot.

Took 6 window screens to be re-screened. When I opened the above-the-sink kitchen window for air last night, I didn't think about the screen not being there until Margie the cat appeared inside the house. She must be quite a jumper, getting that high from the lower ground level outside, but what surprised me more than the jump was that she noticed the open window so quickly.

The other night I was sitting on the porcelain throne in the bathroom when there was a scraping at the open bathroom window. I immediately thought male intruder and turned off the lights as soon as I could get to the switch. Now I realize it must've been Margie.

Back to sorting papers. Fun.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The dominoes game

Summer is truly here. Well, almost, according to the calendar. Normally we'd be having 100 degree temps about now, but today it didn't get much above 60, with a steady rain all afternoon.

Summer is truly here, weather or not, and I need to accomplish something. I should probably make a schedule, or at least a checklist.

I'm waiting for the dominoes to fall.

One is that I still am on the fence about quitting work, but at the moment leaning toward teaching full-time at least one more year; I'm waiting for a return call from the district office.

I need to paint the other half of my studio floor, but I need to wait for the electrician to come so that the floor won't be wet at precisely the same time he arrives.

I need to finish painting my bathroom walls, but I'm waiting for my rotator cuff injury to heal.

I want to knock down my front closet in order to open up my living room, but I'm waiting for an expert to come and tell me if my roof will fall in if I do it.

I need to start putting in my new flooring, which I still need to order, but I need to have the above closet question answered first.

I should finish the dating/wedding scrapbook I'm making for my parents. I have four more pages to do. I'm waiting for inspiration.

I have ten ATCs (artist trading cards) to make. I'll start those tomorrow and depend on the inspiration to come once my hands start their tasks.

I want to cut the parts for my second quilt, but I'm waiting for the fabrics to get out of the drier.

I should pick beets and beans from the garden, but it's 9:15 at night. I'm waiting for morning.

I should call my brother-in-law, because Uncle Junius died this weekend. Guess there's nothing keeping me from that save the fear that I'll be carrying on a long conversation, and talking is not something I do well at this time of night.

To the phone...

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