Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost minds and other items

It's back to working on the flooring again today. Having Mondays and Fridays off is SOOOOO wonderful. The trouble right now is that I can't find an essential tool, a staple puller, that I was using yesterday, and work cannot commence until I find it. If Shell were here, she'd say, “Oh, Mom, you're so creative!” which being translated means, ”You're so scatterbrained!” Right, Shell? I know you read this!!!

When I was at Sharper Image last week I saw a great device for attaching to keys, etc. Trouble is, it was for eight different items that people tend to lose, and it cost accordingly. If I could find such a gizmo for just my keys and my mind, I could save a lot of money and looking time. I would never have thought to put it on the staple puller.

I needed to use the jigsaw this morning. “Dad,” I said when he came over to help, “Where is the jigsaw?”

He looked puzzled. “Jigsaw?”

“Yes, you know the electric jigsaw that I need to cut curves.”

“What's a jigsaw?”

Then the light came on and he said, ”Oh, I know. It's in a box high on the shelf above the workbench.”

I went out and found it there, sure enough, in a box on the shelf, clearly labeled JIGSAW in Dad’s hand.

It’s genetic, this mind thing.

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