Sunday, October 2, 2005

On the road

Yesterday I drove down the highway to visit friends, and marveled at how much of the farmland (thousands of acres) has been covered with malls and housing developments in the last five years. I thought of the produce in the grocery store, how most of the fruit now comes from S. America or Australia, and how our country is setting itself up for famine. We who used to feed the world are now becoming dependent; some country or the world gets mad at us, cuts off our food, and all we'll have to eat are our cars and computers.

So much for the doom and gloom.

Last night we played Mexican Train (dominoes), and I didn't win once. Something must be off on my strategy. We all said how much more fun it would have been with sweetie. All that testosterone-enhanced goofy competitiveness was missing.

I'll be back at home before noon today, that's my plan. My goal is to do the finishing touches on the flooring; some of the molding at the doorways needs to be put in - then repaint the living room which I had painted overwhelmingly green and don't think I like much.

I've been offered a lot of crown molding by my friends here, leftover from their home improvement project. If I take them up on it, I'll be busy measuring and cutting and stapling for a good long while. Pondering. .

Next weekend I'll be in Seattle (last night I dreamed I was at the airport to board the plane and didn't have anything with me - boarding pass, makeup, ID, cell phone, underwear… I was especially concerned about the underwear; one of the identifying components of dreams—weird concerns).

The following week I'll be driving to Loveland, CO, with a girlfriend for a high school reunion. Once that's over, it will be good to be a homebody again.

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