Monday, October 31, 2005

Things to do

After being awakened early this morning by the chopper throbbing overhead, I went back to bed and slept until 7:23 - that’s 8:23 daylight time, to which my system is still accustomed - and that is very unusual, to sleep in so late. I had weird dreams in vivid color, dreams of the travel variety.

This is my to do list for the day:
  • Finish putting in baseboards
  • Return unused materials to the flooring store and hope for a refund
  • Work on designing my Christmas card
  • Pick up Rx
  • Hang pictures back on walls
  • Determine amount of fabric needed to make Roman shades for my windows
  • Determine exactly what I am going to use instead of miniblinds on my patio door
  • Organize craft room
  • Buy an extra iron and ironing board
  • Call girls and see if they are coming for Thanksgiving
Maybe I should’ve said that’s my to do list for the week (or maybe the month).

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