Sunday, May 28, 2006

I can dye in peace

Yes, that’s right. I’m finally going to dye. Now that my essential tasks are accomplished, I can dye in peace.

Isn’t it interesting what a little pseudo vowel can do to the meaning of a word? My floor is finally painted to my satisfaction, even though my friend, Janice, says she wants to get down and scrub the splatters off every time she comes in the door. The photo above doesn’t show the splatters very well.

I love this space! When I’ m in here, I feel like I am where I belong. I have a collection of Procion fabric dyes and a collection of fabric, and I’m just going to play around for the day, making hand-dyed fabrics. When or if I tire of that, I’m going to paint a mural on the back of my storage shelves. In the photo, they are to the extreme right, behind the red drapery. It is an 20x8 storage section created by my dad just for me and is absolutely wonderful!

The other side of the shelves is my garage, but since I’ve always wanted to paint a mural, I figured this would be an excellent space in which to practice. Maybe I’ll do a bit of trompe l’oiel (not sure I spelled that correctly), with vine-covered pillars at each plywood joint, a vista (haven’t decided what that will be yet), and the silhouette of someone looking out over a railing. Add a bit of whimsy here and there, and it should be fun. On the other hand, I am tempted just to do a collage of gigantic leaves. I love leaves. It would be easier, and easier is good.

After my practice on that big area, I plan to do some trompe l’oiel on those double white doors. I’ll paint a depiction of my garden, what you would see if the doors were open, and a silhouette of someone standing in the door, leaning against the doorframe.

My parents tell me I’m too ambitious. Others wonder why I’m doing all this with no hope of remuneration. The answer is that I teach for $ and fun, and I do ambitious projects for fun.

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