Monday, May 15, 2006

Jackson Pollock floor


  1. Take a large green floor (800 square feet), a paint brush, and six colors of paint.
  2. Dip the paintbrush into the paint and F L I N G the paint across the floor. Do it with all six colors.
  3. Add squiggles of blue and various-colored leaves stamped here and there.
  4. After cleaning out and filling the joint seams, which should have been done before all the previous painting, paint them to match the green floor and add paint splatters.
  5. Seal with five coats of high gloss floor finish. Gorgemous!
  6. Spend a month doing this while dreaming of how it will look and the possible social occasions that can be held there.
  7. Move all the work tables and chairs to the other side of the room and prepare to do the other 800 feet.That’s where I am now, somewhere between #5 and #6.
  8. Oh, forgot to add: Before starting the painting, floor must be specklessly clean. That’s the hard part. I haven’t yet been able to convince the spiders to stop dropping mummies of their past meals on the floor.
  9. The other part I forgot to add is taping newspapers to the red walls, to prevent FLINGS of paint from landing where not planned. Would Jackson Pollock worry about that? I wonder.

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