Thursday, September 14, 2006

Landsape quilt creates leftovers

Photo: This is my first landscape quilt, from a photo taken not too far from Moab, Utah, last summer. It is made of 2" squares (1.5" finished). I purposely made no diagonal lines or other details.

After finishing the Joe Crow kit, I need to quilt my landscape quilt (right). It is my largest project to date, about 48x36. The secret is a fusible grid for laying the squares. The grids come in all sizes, and once this one was finished, I wanted to try it again, but this time include diagonal cuts so that the final effect isn't as pixelated. Then maybe I'll do another one of the same scene, Ruth B. McDowell style - machine pieced, and another one fused and raw edged. The final one would be the most realistic and make certain viewers happy. When I am finished, I'll have a set of four that I can look at and evaluate the various techniques. At this point I am altogether excited about Ruth B. McDowell's approach.

I cut so many extra squares that I made nine placemats with the leftover little squares (some are shown here). I love having a pile of placemats that look like they go together but where no two are exactly alike.

Once those are done, I’ll start on the sea-colored quilt for my daughter, even though I have 25 squares from a swap I just did from Stashbuilders (a Yahoo quilting group) hovering in the wings.

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