Thursday, September 7, 2006

Life since last I checked in

Ha ha, as if that were possible to write briefly!

I am stressed. I volunteered to work on our church website and have learned that working on a large website is difficult if not impossible to do with dial-up, and since the church is 35 miles away, it is not easy to drive in and do it there.

I am taking a 3 unit class in web design at the local college, keeping up with my weekly quilt guild, my weekly Bible study, my monthly clay guild, trying to keep my house in some semblance of order, teaching more hours than last year (this year with an inexperienced principal), and in general being a nut about getting over-committed.

My parents plan to move to Colorado within the next year. I hope when the new people move in that the scruffy people who sometimes knock on the door at 2 a.m. claiming they’re out of gas will knock on their door and not mine. This is where a big dog is handy.

I’ve lost my DMV sticker.

I need to register for my 35-year high school reunion.

I’m going camping this weekend.

I’m sleepy. I just want to stay in bed for 24 hours, beginning with an hour’s soak in the tub.

My car, the one without the current sticker, is out of gas. Its transmission is slipping. Tomorrow I have to determine if changing my mortgage to a fixed rate is advantageous.

I expect that by this time next year my life will be totally different than it is now. It’s getting down to this: What do I want more - To marry and thereby get a lot more loving, but also have a lot more meal-fixing, picking-up-after responsibilities, and no beautiful studio? Or not to marry, and stay here with my beautiful studio and be able to keep my own schedule and my own state of dress or undress (without interruption) and be satisfied with being loved from a distance by a guy who wants the distance situation to end Yesterday?

I just love my studio. I know that when I leave I’ll never have such a beautiful room to work in again. I feel so happy when in that room. Well, as Mom says - I think I’ve said this before - don’t get married until you can’t live without him. Obviously I am not at that stage.

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