Thursday, September 14, 2006

Multiple projects

Photo: You may recognize these as the familiar humorous quilting ladies panels often seen in quilt stores. I had fun putting them together with my own sashing and borders.

One effect I love in quilts is a gradation or progression of color. I have so many ideas along that line that I’m quite sure I’ll never live long enough to try them all.

On the HGTV program, Simply Quilts (which I understand, boo hoo, has been discontinued), they often have guest quilters show their ideas. Some of these quilters are either so rich or so successful that they don’t do much of the sewing themselves; they just design the quilts and their sweatshop (so to speak) does all the work for them. Now, ain’t that nifty!

Two of my previous projects (see above) are hanging on my Hideaway wall. I'm thinking I’ll apply buttons all over the borders of the less-colorful one - especially since, when I arrived home this evening from eating Ethiopian food at Queen Sheba (Daddy’s 79th BD), there was a shoebox FULL of buttons on my doorstep, gift of my 80-year-old friend who knows I use such things. The box was so heavy that it took too hands to lift it.

Oops, before that (or those), I must finish my Roman shades - all done except for the hanging and procuring of the weight bars. This is a goal to be done before LL arrives for a short visit in 4 weeks (not to mention the other before-LL-comes goals).

Oh, did I mention I am taking a Dreamweaver class at a local college? I think I did, but I must almost mention that yours truly and one other person in the class has 100%. For being one of the least experienced in the class, I feel I have a good excuse for a little strutting.

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