Thursday, September 14, 2006

Old Joe Crow quilt

Photo: "Joe Crow Does Community Service" - machine pieced and raw-edge appliqued from a quilt kit given me by my friend, Jane. Notice, please, the free motion quilting, if you can see it. I'm learning how, so you might say I am proud of myself. (This picture taken after this post was written, when the binding was finished).

I work on quilts like I read books - several at a time, in various stages of progress. Before starting on my other daughter’s quilt, which I am DYING to do, I really should finish my UFOs ("unfinished objects," though I think real quilters use a different acronym).

Today I started quilting the small (24 x 36) wall hanging quilt kit above. All I have left to do after that is add the binding. Hand appliqueing the pieces was okay - for something that size. My usual motto, however, is: If it can’t be done by machine, it ain’t gonna be done.

I long for a long-arm quilting machine, but they are too expensive for a hobbyist like myself.

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