Thursday, September 14, 2006


Photo: My quilt, "Lost in the Woods," from ideas in the book, "Thinking Outside the Block."

Early on in my quilting career—oh, say, about 18 months ago—I started keeping a quilting journal. Photo of quilt, date, thoughts about it, where it went, etc. I’d completely forgotten about it until this week, and I have not one idea about the journal's current location. I don’t believe I’ve seen it for a year. How can that be possible? It’s gone into the Black Hole, along with all my system and application software. Sometimes I think the men in little black helicopters have visited me, the ones who used to plague Mama N when she was losing her mind.

"Lost in the Woods" is my latest quilting effort. It's about 40 x 52 inches. You can see that I lean away from traditional. I made it for my younger daughter, who leans more away from traditional than I do. My next project is to make one for my elder daughter. It will have soft ocean blues and greens and be entirely different. Chopping up fabric and putting it back together is so much fun!

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