Monday, November 27, 2006

Home again

Arrived home from Atlanta just after 11:00 last night, after ten days gone.

Luggage arrived just before 8:00 tonight. I didn’t wash my hair this morning due to lack of hair-prep tools (all in luggage from which I had become separated). Students told me they thought I looked "weird." Could’ve been due to stringy hair, somewhat flattened bangs, and lack of my regular makeup. Or maybe the jet lag.

I had a ton of adventures with LL. More on that later. I still consider him as good friend material, having weighed a lot (not all - never can imagine all) of the variables. More on that later, too.

After next week, Christmas break! Think I’ll fly to Philly for a week.

I’m regretting some of my willingness to volunteer to help on too many things.

These items on my task list are not prioritized:
Goal #1: Finish Dreamweaver class and project.
Goal #2: Christmas cards. Do I really want to do these?
Goal #3: Daughter’s quilt.
Goal #4: Find a plumber who will actually come out and do some work.
Goal #5: Go to bed. Now.

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