Saturday, September 22, 2007

Black-white gradation

On Thursday and Friday I cut and pieced the strips for the background of my tree applique quilt, name yet to be determined.

The background is a gradation of vertical strips of 17 fabrics from black to white (left to right) for a 30x60 wall hanging.

I had originally planned on having each entire strip a single piece of fabric, but when I looked at all those quarter yards - 44" x 9" of fabric - I decided I'd cut a bunch of 9" x 2.5" strips and stagger the pieces from one side to the other, something like vertical bricks. I laid it all out on the pingpong table, liked what I saw, and pieced together the first four columns.

Then I didn't like what I saw. What had been charming and unusual about the fuzzy raw edges of the strips during the layout stage was hidden when sewn. I painstakingly took all the strips apart and re-sewed them, lapping the end of each short strip over the strip below, wrong side to right side, and then sewed the finished long strips right sides together, as usual. See photo of unfinished top, above.

Now I need to decide what color to make the tree trunks (I've decided to do two trunks instead of one). I know I want the leaves (about a dozen of them) to be yellows and greens. I'll play around with what I have and see what inspires me.

Meanwhile, I will try to post my travel adventures in the days ahead.

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