Friday, October 19, 2007

Fighting a cold with bright stuff

I've been guzzling water to wash out my cold (something's getting washed out, but it may not be the virus), and sewing up what I'm afraid might be an ugly quilt.

Just experimenting with quilting-as-you-go (reversible quilts), and it turns out that the colors are quite, um, lively. Maybe I'll like it once it's put together, but I've always found a collection of primary colors to be a bit much. I chose the primary solids because they went with the plaids, and now I'm thinking I should've just stuck with a creamy white.

I have enough of the plaids left over to do a second trial, so we'll see, but I think it would be something entirely different. Need more plaids, but more plaids beget more plaids. Like rabbits. Like any other collection of fabric.

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