Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot rice bag foot warmers

Argh, already had this entry nearly finished, and my pocket pc thingamasnicker bombed out. User error, I am certain.

Sylvia asked how to make the foot warmer, which, by the way, worked beautifully. No foot cramps last night. I will have to make some for my Fairbanks daughter, providing she has a microwave.

If you know how to make a beanbag, you can make one of these.

  • 1/4 yd fleece
  • A couple pounds of short grain white rice, or your grain of choice
  1. You gitcherself some soft fabric, tightish weave. Knit or fleece is good; the thicker fabric theoretically holds the warmth longer, but I haven't scientifically checked the theory.
  2. Cut two pieces fabric into your desired shape. I cut mine about 6x15. Renae has a C-shaped one she puts around her neck.
  3. Sew right sides together, leaving an opening to insert grain.
  4. Later addition: Stitch a second time, very close to the first stitching. Helps prevent seam poppage and rice leakage.
  5. Turn right side out.
  6. You gitcher grain of choice. You do not cook it. Repeat, DO NOT cook it! *snicker*
  7. I think short grain rice works well, because it is scent free, and the rounded grains move well, less poky. Flax seed has a wonderful feel, but smells like linseed oil when heated. Potpourri is an interesting addition for foot warmers, but I wouldn't want that perfume next to my face. I have a buckwheat neck bag at home which works very well, but it smells like pancakes when warmed. Millet might be an option, too.
  8. When you fill the bag, you want it floppy, but not so thin that it loses heat quickly. The contents of the 6x15 bag I used last night are about an inch deep when the bag is leveled out on a flat surface, and it is just right.
  9. Sew opening closed with a tight stitch. Machine stitching works well, because it is faster and less likely to leak grains. Stitch twice.

10/19/07 P.S. I made mine yesterday, of fleece, and slept with it last night after microwaving three minutes just before I went to bed. My tootsies felt so loved!

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