Friday, October 26, 2007

Quadrille - the other side

Photo#1: The quilt, as you may notice, is just now having the binding applied.

This is side 2 of Quadrille, formerly called Ugly Quilt, but its feelings were getting hurt, so I've stopped calling it that. I think it would be perfect to use on a boat. Will work on finishing it in the coming week.

The borders will still need to have batting inserted (didn't plan ahead for that). Other than having to do some mental gymnastics to make this work, I love the option of quilting each block as I go instead of having a wrestling match with a huge quilt on my DSM (domestic sewing machine).

Photo #2: Here it is, all ready to snuggle over or under, possibly for a Fourth Fireworks Celebration.

I notice, a little too late for me to want to do anything about it, that the quilt is "upside down" in one of these photos. I don't know which, and it doesn't matter!

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