Monday, January 7, 2008

The Hideaway door

Photo: View through the new Hideaway door, from inside the studio, looking toward the shop area. The door was artfully created by Lee to make the Hideaway (my studio and party place) less drafty.

This is a door-within-a-door. Most often we will use the smaller central door, but the entire panel also swings on hinges, making possible the movement of large items such as, hmmm... such as shelves on wheels.

Close inspection of the clear vinyl panels will reveal that some are tinted blue, and some are tinted green. We had hoped this design feature would be more obvious.

While taking this shot in the Hideaway just now, I noticed that it is measurably warmer in there than in the house (where three days of no electricity due to big storm, have made each day increasingly colder) or outside. Must be due to the skylights.

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