Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friendship Garden Quilt (continuing evolution)

Photo: The next stage, separated blocks on my new "design wall."

As per my plan, I made a simple design wall by nailing the right side of a discarded flannel-backed plastic table cloth to the plywood wall in my studio. The blocks cling to the flannel back of the tablecloth just fine, but I do need something I can stick pins into.

In my vast three years of quilting experience, such vawst experience, m'dear, I have never ripped apart so many seams, not so much because of a technical mistake (unless you count ugliness as a technical mistake), but because I didn't like the sashing colors I had used. I did not photograph the second version, that with the dark-blue shadow frames with the almost-dark-blue sashing. There was just not enough contrast between the two colors to make the shadows effective. After stitching just a few rows, I ripped them apart, picked all the thread pieces off the fabric with blue painters' tape, and replaced the almost dark-blue with a lighter fabric. You can see pieces of it here in the upper left and lower right corners of each block.

Close inspection of this photo will reveal, besides the shadow-frame changes (burgundy to dark blue, white to my new fabric (which I can't describe and wish I hadn't thrown the selvage away), narrow 1/4" borders around each block.

Now that I think of it, I wonder if making a scrapbook of selvages and fabric samples would be helpful. Hmmm...

I just noticed that the signature block, lower left, looks like a face with blue lips. Ha!

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