Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friendship Garden Quilt (more)

Photo: The next step on this quilt was to sew on the sashing, and here is the result. I don't like it. I think the white sashing detracts from the overall effect. (I took this photo with my cell phone, just cuz it was handy.)

The guild made suggestions on rearrangement of the blocks, which I did, and I removed the little blue squares (see previous photo), moved the blocks closer together, and sewed it together with the aforesaid hated white sashing.

I pulled it all apart yesterday, stitch by stitch. As long as it was in pieces, I had noticed how well the narrow border looked around the two too-small blocks, so I decided to border all of the blocks in the same way. For the needed fabrics, I went to the new local Beehive Quilt store (nice, friendly place, with great fabric choices) to add a different narrow border around each block, and dark blue marbled fabric for the shadow frames, less dark-blue for the sashing.

What I really need is a design wall. I think I will make one this week.

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