Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friendship Garden Quilt

Photo: Rough layout of my current project on my design wall.

This is not the traditional "friendship garden" quilt. I am calling this "Friendship Garden" because it is being made from blocks created by the five members of the Friendship Garden quilt guild that meets weekly at my place. Someone, I won't say who, calls us the "guilty girls."

We each made five sets of two 12.5" blocks and one 4.5" signature block, and swapped them around, giving us ten blocks each. The 4.5" signature blocks go together to make an additional 9-patch, and each of us made an additional block for ourselves. My quilting friends are quite talented, don't you think?

You can see that two of the blocks (top right, middle bottom) have a very narrow border around them. That is because they turned out slightly smaller than the rest, and adding the border made them all the same size, or close enough to it to trim the shadow frame to make them all exactly the same.

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