Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quiz for Quilters

By Carol Bruce, Needlesongs

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You will want to write down your answers in order to score them.

1. If your house is taken over by UFOs, you-
a. Call the Air Force and request help from scientists at Area 51.
b. Call the local quilt guild for sewing assistance.
c. Ignore them and start a new quilting project.

2. Prairie points are
a. Squares of cotton folded into triangles.
b. Sewing secrets passed down by pioneer quilters.
c. Arrowheads plowed up in prairie farmland.

3. Stitch in the Ditch is
a. What you do on the side of the road while waiting for your husband to change a flat tire.
b. The name of a new music group.
c. Quilting on a seam line.

4. Binding is
a. Finishing the edge of a quilt.
b. Tying up all of the loose, left-over fabric scraps in neat bundles to give to the thrift shop.
c. The best way to tie up the kids and keep them quiet while you quilt.

5. Batting is
a. One of your child's practice activities in gym class.
b. Pounding on the cotton layer to flatten it before sandwiching it into the quilt, before quilting.
c. The inside squishy layer of the quilt.

6. A Fabric Stash is
a. A rectangular plastic tub used for storing all of the fabrics for one quilt project.
b. A special closet outfitted to hold quilt fabric.
c. Quilt fabric that fills all available space in the house and garage.

7. Strip piecing is
a. Trying to quilt at odd times, even while changing clothes.
b. Sewing long strips of fabric together.
c. Strip mining on small pieces of land.

8. If, Heaven forbid! You prick your finger and bleed on the quilt, you should
a. Give it up as a lost cause and throw away the quilt because it isn't perfect.
b. Ignore it and keep quilting.
c. Spit on a scrap of cotton or wad of thread and use that to scrub the blood out immediately.

9. Yo Yo
a. An old-fashioned child's toy, often used as a template for drawing circles on fabric.
b. A special hello greeting among quilters.
c. A fabric circle with the outer edge folded and gathered.

10. Backing is
a. When a quilt is finished and won't lie flat, you cover it with a sheet and a large piece of plywood, and have your spouse back the car over it a few times.
b. The underneath layer of the quilt sandwich.
c. When you find "backers" to finance the fabric for the next quilt project.


1. a. 0 points b. 2 points c. 3 points
2. a. 3 points b. 1 point c. 0 points
3. a. 2 points b. 0 points c. 3 points
4. a. 3 points b. 2 points c. 1 point
5. a. 0 points b. 1 point c. 3 points
6. a. 1 point b. 3 points c. 10 points
7. a. 1 point b. 3 points c. 0 points
8. a. - 3 points b. 1 point c. 3 points
9. a. 1 point b. 0 points c. 3 points
10. a. 1 point b. 3 points c. 0 points
There is no pass or fail, but a score of

-3 to 8 suggests that either you are a raw beginner or perhaps you are more suited to bowling.
9 to 19 says there's hope, but you need to work on it!
20 to 29 says you're on your way to a blue ribbon.
30 to 36 tells the world you're definitely a pro!
37 is a perfect score! Why are you wasting time taking this quiz? You should be quilting!

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