Friday, June 20, 2008


Things I accomplished this week:
  1. De-spidered the Hideaway (studio). Things the spiders accomplished this week: Re-spidered the Hideaway.
  2. Picked zucchini daily. Things the zucchini plants accomplished this week: Produced more zucchini.
  3. Pulled and hoed weeds. Things the growing system accomplished this week: Grew more weeds.
  4. Watered the garden. Things the solar system accomplished this week: Dried out the garden.
  5. Dusted the house. Things California accomplished this week: Reapplied dust to the house.
  6. Washed the car. I haven't yet driven it since its bath, so it is still clean.
  7. Worked on the patriotic quilt for the children's hospital. All that's left is the binding. Multiple mistakes were made all through this one, including losing a block that could not be replaced and so forced the quilt to be smaller than originally planned. The block was only found today, too late. The mistakes forced me to change my original plan, and, as usual, ended up with a better product than I had originally envisioned -- although I usually don't have a concrete idea in my mind of what I will do. I just dive in and see what inspirations strike as I go along.
  8. Pruned some volunteer shrubbery around the house preparatory to pulling them out altogether.
  9. Planted the second crop of corn in the garden. They peeked out of the soil yesterday.
  10. Tried to flood out the garden gopher. Did not succeed.
  11. Picked and ate zucchini, chard, green beans, beets, onions, mulberries, apricots.
  12. Practiced all of Ruth B. McDowells' quilting techniques in her Piecing Studio book. I can't wait to try those techniques on a design of my own, but I have about four quilts still to go in my unfinished projects pile. I shall refrain from major fabric shopping for now.
  13. Repaired my crashing computer by removing Trend Micro Antivirus and reinstalling Norton Internet security. Five hours to download the updates.
  14. Avoided driving to town as much as was possible. $aving ga$...
Now that I'm out of school, I love getting up early, about 6 a.m. and working outside for an hour or two in the cool of the day, followed by breakfast and quilting (or etc.) in the Hideaway until I start perspiring, usually about 11 am.

When it gets too warm in the Hideaway for comfort (and I being too thrifty to run the A/C in a 1600 sq/ft room for just one person), I come into the house to do housework and cook (yes, I actually do those things), eat lunch with my parents who live next door (for now), have a nice siesta (to make up for my early mornings and late nights), and work on my scrapbooks until it's cool enough to go back out to the Hideaway, about 7 pm, where I have a great time stitching away until about 10 pm .

I don't know when I've had such a satisfying week, satisfaction gained primarily from items 3, 4, 6-9, 11-13. It's a good mix of physical activity and creativity, interspersed with my much-loved weekly guild get-together to provide social interaction.

Now I need to work on a to-do list for all the things I want to add to the mix.

Tonight: Sixth grade graduation.

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