Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time to create

Photo: Look at this 15-foot long table runner I made for my studio/entertainment area in May. Ain't it wunnaful? Anyone want a tie to match? :)
  • I'm always excited when I can make something out of scraps on hand. I still need to quilt down the center. My idea is to apply some micro-Velcro every couple of feet down the middle, then make seasonal patches to apply to the runner. With the colors I have in the border, any seasonal theme should fit just right.
  • School is over, and I have retired. Woohoo! My students wrote me some sweet good-bye notes, and they all seem to wish I were coming back next year.
  • A rabbit crept under my garden fence and ate ALL my soybean plants.
  • The mulberry tree is still producing yummy, sticky fruits for me to munch on.

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