Wednesday, July 2, 2008

624 triangles!

Photo: The back of my One Block Wonder quilt, lying over my ironing table (take old wooden table, cover with a mattress pad, silvered ironing board cloth, and a stretchy fitted sheet, and there's your ironing table).

Last Tuesday I did the majority of the cutting (648 triangles, but I didn't use them all); Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I sewed them together in sets of three, played around on the design wall with layout, then sewed in strips. Once the strips were finished, I noticed I had to have another row (originally had thought I'd leave the hexagon points on), so added that, though it throws off my color design a bit, since I had to make do with the sets that were left. By then I was so zonked that I didn't want to pick anything apart, so I didn't.

Today I sewed the strips together, then spent two hours ironing them open. Now I've decided I will cut off the hexagon points.

The original fabric, which I should have taken a picture of, was a print containing black and orange zebras, gold elephants, green giraffes, and rectangles containing leaves and various gold, black, green, gray, orange, and fuschia-pink geometrics.

I love the results so far, but must admit that I have hated the construction process. It is too repetitive for me. Not to mention that I've been pushing myself so hard to get this done (no reason, just want to get on with the next quilt) that no wonder I'm tired!

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