Friday, July 18, 2008

Days in limbo

Photo: I enjoy this refreshing view of my garden out the double doors of my studio each morning. On first awakening, I go out to the Hideaway and sew for a couple hours before breakfast. Since the garden bunny is now mostly discouraged from destruction by the chicken-wire fencing put up by Dad, her presence as she hops lazily by the doorway seems sort of comfortable and right.

Week's items:
  • Zucchini plants beautiful, waist-high, producing 6-8 squashes per day. I eliminated three of the plants, leaving me with six.
  • Corn ten feet tall, ears sizing up and almost ready to eat.
  • Redwood camp meeting starts next week. This will be my first experience there. I think most of the corn will be eaten by someone else while we're gone.
  • Mom and Dad move the following week. It's still hard to imagine what it will be like without them here.
  • I feel like I'm in limbo; as someone said - stuck between what has gone before and what is yet ahead.
  • Limbo isn't all bad, though. My days are glorious. I revel in my schedule, doing what I want (gardening, quilting) in the morning hours when I feel fresh and energized.
  • Note: If you have Ticketless Travel Funds held by Southwest Airlines (that's the airline that lets you have two pieces of checked luggage and a carry-on, all for free), don't lose the confirmation number from your canceled flight. I wanted to apply funds from a flight I canceled in April, but not finding the number as fast as I wanted, I called Southwest, thinking they'd easily find my excess funds and apply them to my new flight. No deal. The rather unhelpful telephone person had no record of my canceling any flight since 2001, though it was only last April we were talking about. Hung up and searched, and sure enough, I had the number after all and was able to use the $ for one of my August flights.
  • I read somewhere that if you use a photo taken by someone else as inspiration for a quilt, you should ask the photographer for permission. It seems that would apply if you use the photo with hardly any changes, but what if you make significant alterations so that even the photographer would have difficulty recognizing the source?
  • My goal of completing my current works in progress will not be realized, so my downsized goal before the summer's travel begins -- because I don't want a stray breeze or child making any changes to the block order while I'm gone -- is to finish putting together the loose tumbling block blocks that are on the ping pong table. The design wall is not wide enough for this one - and that's a whole 'nuther problem to consider, what with the window in the way. I think a hinge is in my future.

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