Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week's quilting progress

Photo #1: "Benediction" is almost completed. This week I did the quilting and binding. It is unique in that the background strips are lapped like roof shingles. I spent a bit of time unraveling the raw edges of the overlapped ends. The three tree trunks are primarily fused, but their edges are likewise fringed by my spending some time pulling threads, unraveling. The glittery falling leaves are fused to the edges and not raveled. All the quilt needs now is a hanging sleeve and some final finessing, leaf stems, for instance. Approximately 45" x 70".

P.S. Raveled and unraveled mean the same thing. Ain't English interestin'?

Photo #2: Next week I plan to border and bind this practice block (currently stuck on my shop wall with blue painter's tape) I made from Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing Workshop . I loved working through the exercises in this book -- excellent practice for what I want to do. Every bit of the piecing is done by machine - right up my alley, because my mantra is, "If it can't be done by machine, it doesn't get done." I think this is about 15" x 15".

Photo #3: Great-grandma's block: My mother is going through her things, getting ready to move back to Colorado. She gave me this block (approximately 17" by 17"), explaining that her mother remembered sitting and watching her mother stitch this block. Every stitch has been done by hand. The block doesn't lie flat, but is rather mounded in the middle. I am trying to figure out what to do about that.

One of my friends wants me to make two quilts for her, bed quilts, I assume. I have no idea what to charge. Does one charge differently for bed quilts than for art quilts? I've been working at quilting as if I were getting paid for it, so I might as well go the next step!

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