Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paint buckets

Photo (another fuzzy cell phone pic): When we stopped by Frank's place of business, I was amazed and intrigued by his dozens of open paint buckets. Frank is from Sierra Leone, and his business is silk screening. He primarily produces silk screened T-shirts. I was relieved to learn that all this paint is still good, that being open to the air does not make the paint useless.


I am sitting here at the Datatek print shop, wrapped in my picnic quilt. Also wearing socks on my formerly sandaled feet. This place is kept cooled to an unnatural degree.

Gasoline is still in short supply in Alabama and Georgia, and maybe other places. I understand Atlanta is completely out and some schools are closed because of it. The usual gas price for the lowest octane is $3.99 here, but many of the stations have their gas pump handles bagged, indicating they are either out or are not selling that day. Diesel has not gone up as much, and is now lower than regular. Compressed natural gas is looking gooder and gooder, folks.

On Wednesday we fly to Philadelphia and will stay there for the weekend, then it's home to California on the 8th.

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