Friday, September 26, 2008

Picnic quilt pic

Photo (cell phone pic, which makes indoor shots look too yellow, and, Hmm... is also why this is slightly out of focus): The 60" x 60" picnic quilt is all done except for the binding (have to shop for that). It took about 12 hours to sew.

Next time I try a similar project, (i.e. use fleece for the backing), which may be soon, I will do a few things differently. At first I was quite pleased with myself for having used a plaid backing so that I could use the lines for squaring up. However, no matter how perfectly I lined up each round of fabric, the next round would need easing. I never did figure out why, because I'm pretty sure the plaid is straight with the weave (isn't it?). Next time I do this, I will use a gridded fusible as a stabilizer on the fleece, and NOT use plaid, so that any out-of-squareness isn't obvious. This is the least perfect quilt I have ever made. It looks good on the front, but the back has issues.

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