Thursday, September 25, 2008

Picnic quilt

My picnic quilt is coming along. I have about three more rounds to go, then all I have to do is bind it.

The inspiration for this quilt is from the Brick Brack Medallion quilt in Kaffe Fassett's book, Quilts in the Sun. I was starting to collect fabrics to make that quilt, but did not bring them on my trip, so decided to build the quilt with the fruit-and-veggie fabrics I bought a couple days ago.

Other than the inevitable changes to the design due to using different fabrics, and a faulty memory (my excuse - it was two months ago that I saw that photo), this quilt is not technically a quilt (shhh! Don't let the quilt police know!) because it is not a "sandwich." Instead, the backing (fleece) provides both the filling and the backing in one step; i.e. there are only two layers. I am sewing the strips onto the fleece backing as one would do foundation piecing, so the necessary quilting is all being done automatically as I go. This is a functional picnic quilt, so I don't plan to do a lot of (or maybe not any) decorative quilting.

The fleece backing is green plaid, and when I bought it, I didn't realize how helpful the lines of the plaid would be. Without the lines, the stretchiness of the fleece would make it very difficult to apply the strips and keep things straight. I would have no idea if my quilt were square or not, and even then it is a bit iffy, since I am using crossgrain cuts of fabric for my strips. I think I'm a little off, which bugs me, because I aim for close to perfection when it comes to side measurements matching - just never thought about both the top and bottom fabrics being stretchy.

When it comes to picnicking, I plan to devise a removable bottom layer of something like ripstop nylon, to keep the quilt from getting damp and full of grass pieces. A few pieces of velcro is the first method of attachment that comes to mind.

This 60" quilt should be finished today. Will post a photo when I can, the camera being uncooperative these days.

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