Thursday, September 18, 2008

Playing with my Janome 6600

Photo: Huge bales of hay stored in an open shed at A&M - an inspiration for a quilt?

I played with my new toy -- Janome 6600 sewing machine -- all evening, tried out all the stitches, but not the Accufeed system yet. What I like about the machine so far:
  1. Up-down needle option (don't have to constantly be reaching for the flywheel),
  2. All the stitches (including alphabet and numbers)
  3. The memory (though I wish it were more and had a USB port)
  4. The button that makes the machine stop automatically at the end of a stitch pattern
  5. Two lights
  6. Needle threader
  7. The screen that shows what stitch I'm currently using and the settings that work best for that stitch - with setting ranges displayed for each (don't have to look it up in the book - whoopee!)
This morning I fixed my PJs so that the waistband wouldn't be tight: Removed the old elastic (took forever), put on new (5 minutes). The machine worked great.

I also started working on the purse I started by hand several weeks ago but had stopped because the fabric was so hard to sew by hand. I finished the lining with the two pockets and started on the outside, which is upholstery fabric, and made a big thread jam at the beginning of the seam due to the ravelling of the fabric. I will fix that as soon as the hotel maid is finished with my room.

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