Friday, October 3, 2008

A day in Amish country, continued

I see that my last emailed post was too long to get here in one piece, so here is the rest of it:

We had time to stop at Kings Korner, a favorite shop I have visited several times over the years, in addition to the quilt museum and store (also a favorite stop and where I have purchased quilt fabric in the past), and the main tourist location at the shopping center in Intercourse where even in the heart of do-it-yourself Amish country one finds most souvenirs are crafted in China. If I were purchasing, which I wasn't doing this trip, I'd make sure what I bought was locally made.

We stopped at a couple of the farms boasting "home made root beer" signs, hoping for root beer that was made from genuine sassafras, but it appears that such is not available these days.

Lunch was at Dienner's Restaurant/Buffet, a large and busy establishment a few miles from King's Korner. The selections were numerous and delicious, and I really don't need to eat again for three and a half days (she says as she tries to fasten the snap on her jeans).

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