Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enough already with the picnic quilt

Photo: Here is the "picnic quilt" I previously showed draped over a chair; this gives a better idea of it, since that cell phone pic was fuzzy and orangish.

To take the photo, I laid the quilt on the floor, stood on a chair to take the picture, but still had a keyhole effect that I had to skew into squareness with Photoshop. I normally take pictures of my quilts by hanging them up on my shelves; that way the only photoshopping needed is to delete the background.

I am amazed at how OK the quilt looks, considering that I chose the fabrics in about ten minutes, and decided the layout without the aid of a design wall.

Since my new machine hasn't made it here yet (being shipped from 'Bama), I am holding off on quilting some of my finished quilt tops because my new machine will do it much better -- and because both the older machines I have at home need physical help. I took the Kenmore to the shop today for an overhaul. The very nice repair guy told me it was made by Janome. Janome is the hidden manufacturer behind a number of sewing machine brands, I understand.

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