Saturday, October 25, 2008

My visit to PIQF last Sunday

PIQF is the Pacific International Quilt Festival, for those of you non-quilters.

I had originally planned to make the approximately two-hour drive with members of my quilt guild, but it didn't work out due to my Alaska-bound daughter's visit and the happy necessity of driving her over to spend the weekend with my Napa Valley daughter.

On Sunday I left the girls to their own devices so that they could do sisterly things, and drove through the mess of Oakland traffic (some event was taking place there) to Santa Clara.

The layout of the quilt festival, being in a huge L-shape, was a bit confusing to me. Rows of quilts were interspersed with rows of vendors, some rows perpendicular to other rows It was my goal to walk every row so as not to miss a thing, but after an hour I began to forget from whence I had come and which direction to turn at the end of a row; I may have missed entire sections. I wished for a big arrow on the ceiling pointing north or something. Maybe next time I will take a compass!

I saw Tammie Bowser (of Mosaic Photo Quilt fame - google her website for free software to make a fun and amazing photo quilt). She had been at the Nashville AQS, where I went to her lecture and bought the "deluxe" version of her software. She was busy with customers at her booth so I didn't stop to say, "remember me?"

As usual, there were vendors who didn't seem to be drawing the interest of those attending, so I stopped at a couple of places where the booth hosts were looking deadly bored and struck up a conversation about their product. My presence, as usual, attracted other potential customers (I should try getting paid for this!), and I slid off to go see what I had really come to see: the quilts.

The quilts were fabulous, some so unusual, so many fascinating evidences of creativity in the innovative category. I was inspired with at least two dosen quilt ideas, even though I already know that I can't live long enough, even if I live to 93, to create the ideas already lodged in my head.

Interesting contrast between AQS and PIQF:
At AQS, there was so much interest in the vendor section that one could scarcely move in the aisles, and not as many people eyeing the lovely, more traditional quilts.
At PIQF, many more were looking at the unusual quilts than perusing the vendors.

Of course, I went every day to AQS, while I was only able to be at PIQF during the last hours on Sunday, therefore my commentary above may not be an accurate contrast.


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