Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nascar quilt in the works

After delivering my donated quilt yesterday, I went through the donated fabric box and found four different Nascar fabrics and fussy cut pieces to make four-patch blocks. I am not particularly a Nascar fan, finding most any spectator sport a general yawner. However, watching those races is a good opportunity to get some ironing done - hey, if I am going to suffer, might as well be completely miserable while I'm at it.

The hospital gets plenty of quilts for babies, and lots of cute ones for girls, but not so many for older boys -- so that'll be my contribution, quilts for teen boys.

Tried using sizing to iron quilt fabric. It does make ironing easier, as claimed, and brings body to limp fabrics. I don't know the difference between sizing and starch; they have the same effect. Faultless brand sizing smells like B.O. while being ironed, to me anyway. They should do something about that. I will not use it on anything I am going to wear, that's for sure.


My interpretation, on thinking about it, of yesterday's quote: "We should be eternally vigilant against [our own] attempts to check the expression of [other's] opinions that we loathe." Do you think I have it right? I'm afraid I've done that - check the expression of other's opinions - but it's part of my job. What else does a teacher do when a student says, "Hey you, shithead, you're stupid." I'll bet Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wasn't considering those kinds of loathesome opinions when he made his statement.


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