Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Persimmons and a quilt

If you read today's tweet (right column), you may have noticed that my dial-up was acting up. Again. It does this after a rain. I went out to the phone box, unplugged it, blew kisses on the connection, replugged it, and now it's working fine. Don't you wish all repairs could be accomplished with a kiss?

Persimmons picked Sunday ^. I left a dozen on the two trees for the birds. Most of these are looking for a good home.

---> This should be the last you will see of this, my "Friendship Garden" quilt, as it is finally finished. It looks like it is slightly bulging in the middle, because it was hung in front of the shelves holding the Christmas decoration stash.

I made the second block in column 1, and the second and third blocks in column 2. My guild friends made all the rest. I think they did a lovely job.

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