Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flying with a sewing machine

I know, most creatures fly with wings, heh heh.

Photo: Earlier this year, all these Alabamian pots were filled with growing things and sitting on the rail (from whence the weather sometimes knocked them off).

have been immensely enjoying myself reading the Quiltart mailing list on my cell phone via the online archives. It's the best thing to occupy one's mind when beset by the odd hours of jetlag and overabundance of leisure.

I brought my 17-year-old Kenmore sewing machine here, lugged it onto the plane where my cartable sewing machine case, just purchased cheap at Joann's, was just slightly too big for even Southwest's generous allowances, but fortunately the plane was half full, so cramming it into the bin did not raise too many eyebrows. BTW, did not remove the needle in the machine or the tools from the toolbox, and nothing was confiscated, though my carry-on luggage was flagged for manual inspection after going through the scanner.

I expect to be able to sew tomorrow, as soon as I get a table. I should have brought along one of my antique quilts and started work on remaking or restoring. Handwork for a "lady of leisure!"

For awhile, my motto regarding sewing has been, "If I have to sew it by hand, it doesn't get done." I used to love handwork, but the coincidence of eyes needing bifocals and 9-11 put that travel passtime (sp?) to rest. No more crosstitching on #18 or higher count Aida!

But now that I have these two old quilts, each of which have disintegrating red and black fabrics (what causes that in those older quilts? - other colors seem to hold up just fine), I am thinking a little handwork might be fun. I wish I had the quilts with me, because there is a farmhouse quilt shop up in TN that carries a whole roomful of vintage fabrics.

Tonight: Christmas concert.


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