Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Never say darn

Photo: The hole in this shirt had to be fixed, so I fixed it.

I was raised to refrain from saying "darn," since it was deemed to be the same as saying "damn." It's close, has been laundered of its worst aspects, but still if someone says "darn," everyone knows what he really means.

In the absence of strong words to express strong feelings, if one were to get really upset in my household, exclaiming "nuts!" was acceptable. I never did. It somehow just didn't seem any better to me than saying "darn," and actually a bit worse in some ways.

All this has nothing to do with the "darn" that I do say but never do.

Darning is something one does to repair holes in socks and clothing, laying down close (but loose, if that seems possible) rows of stitches going across one way and then another, filling the hole. When I've tried it, which is

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