Sunday, January 25, 2009

Studio Quilts: Online classes

I signed up for two online art classes through a Yahoo group, one dealing with color and composition, especially as related to fiber art, and the second dealing with surface design techniques and materials.

The first class has been going for 10 days, and I am entering unfamiliar territory: fusing. I've always loved the looks of seams, the way one fabric bends to meet another. This is why printing, reproductions, fusing, and whole-cloth quilts have had less appeal for me. But I am determined to grow past that bit of bias and learn to appreciate and use what an artist can do with constructions outside the realm of personal preferences.

I've been doing contour drawings of citrus fruit, since those are the fruits on my trees right now. In order to access the right brain and turn off the left brain, one is supposed to draw as slowly as a snail crawls and take at least 25 minutes to finish the drawing. This I cannot do. I am mentally and emotionally incapable of being so inefficient! Ha. Seven minutes is my best (longest) time so far.

Today, if I get my tax papers sorted soon enough, I will be doing contour cutting with fabric -- may practice on paper first -- of one of my drawings, and then fuse the pieces to a background fabric. Will post photos if the results aren't totally humiliating.

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