Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Color & Composition: Line and Shape

The second lesson in my online class deals with line and shape. While I was doing these exercises, I couldn't help but think I was wasting my time. These were such tiny baby steps, so simple, and why was I using up fabric and fusible web when I could do the same thing with paper - or maybe even markers?
Photo #1: Four different compositions from the Nine Patch of Compositions, made with black fabric fused to a white foundation.

The restriction on the first (upper left) was to cut straight strips and have the strips perpendicular to the sides of the foundation. The second had to have no strips perpendicular to the sides. The third was to be a composition using curved pieces, and the fourth a combination of curved and straight pieces.
Photo #2: Two colors of fabric fused to a white foundation; vertical and asymmetrical compositions.

I did the exercises, and while I was doing them, I found thoughts intruding into my brain, such as: This is an interesting layout. I've never tried this before. How about if I combined this composition with that one on my next project?

My conclusion is that what may have felt like a waste of time was good venue for opening up new ideas and ways of looking at things. I've discovered this happens in almost all situations in which I fear I may be bored into oblivion -- new ideas are sparked by the most mundane circumstances.


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