Monday, February 16, 2009

Cool weather adjustments

The cooler weather since Christmas has kept me from enjoying my Hideaway studio, since running the heater in that large space for just one person doesn't seem to make sense. On quilt guild days I let myself spend the whole day in there, but otherwise I pray for warmer weather.

One day a week doesn't satisfy my make-something needs, so I set up a table in the house for scrapbooking and have been working on the journaling of about 100 layouts completed about a year ago.

On Friday I pushed my scrapbooking supplies aside, set up my little black Singer Featherweight for sewing, leaving my Janome 6600 in the Hideaway so as not to have to lug it back and forth. I completed the two quilt tops I have been working on for some time. One is the race car quilt that will be donated to a local hospital for the children's oncology section. I learned they were short of quilts that would be of interest to older boys, so I've made that my focus.

The second is the black and white strip-pieced tumbling block quilt I started in order to use up the leftovers of my previous black and white quilt, "Benediction," the one with the aspens and falling leaves. After the purchases of more fabrics needed to finish the tumbling blocks quilt, my black and white fabric stash is larger than when I started trying to use up the leftovers. I guess I'll be working in black and white for some time to come, and by the time I'm finished with what looks like a b&w series (sometime in my mid 90s), will have enough b&w fabric to open a quilt fabric "remnants and pieces" store.

After sewing the strips of tumbling block triangles, the next step was ironing, 1 1/2 hours before I finally finished, feeling completely tortured during the last hour. Since there was so much bulk at the confluence of the 30 degree angles, I felt the seams should be pressed open, and as anyone knows who has pressed a lot of seams, pressing them open takes much longer than merely pressing them to the side.

Now resting my ironing hand.

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