Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fabric Art Workshop: Angelina fiber

This week my second online class started. See the left column for information on the book we are using.

This is my first ever attempt at doing a journal size quilt. I have never worked so small (9x12), and I can see I need to rethink my proportions.

The roof of the hut is Angelina pressed between parchment paper. I must have had my iron too hot, because that stuff smelled nasty. When I've fused Angelina before, I did it with a light touch and probably a cooler iron, and it retained some 3D properties. My first attempt at the roof thatch was very flat. This is a re-do and therefore a little poofy.

The purple piece in the sky was Angelina pressed onto a rubber stamp, and the square Angelina confetti bits at the base of the hut was cut from a fused-flat sheet and glued on with FabriTac.

The hut walls are skewers, sewed on by machine.

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