Thursday, February 26, 2009

Succumbed to temptation

I've promised myself that I will make at least one purchase per month from my local quilt shop, so I stopped by there yesterday to buy a quarter yard of a stripe, any stripe, found it, and then this flannel jumped out at me, so I came home with two pieces of fabric. Most flannels are either cute little kidsy prints or apparently intended for a hunting lodge, so I liked this one immediately. Unfortunately, there were no coordinating fabrics, but maybe I'll run across something one of these days. No project in mind, but lovely fabric in hand.

I've been finishing up the teen boy's race car quilt for the children's oncology unit at the hospital, using donated fabrics. I enjoy doing these projects, but since the goal tends more toward project completion than uniqueness, this quilt is more toward the scut work category (in the best sense) than something I love creating. My goal is to get it done and get it on its way so that I can have fun making something original. Of course, I will always have a quilt for the hospital in process, but once the top is done, it's full bore ahead to get it finished.

Two more quilts are lined up in various stages of completion, plus the black bunny I'm making for dear daughter #2, and then my mind will be freed up for something new.

Hmmm, just thought of other duties. Well, let's hope my mind will be free one of these days.

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