Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to the basics

I am happy to report the following:
  1. I've always wanted a treadle sewing machine, and found one this week, still with the original family. The patent date on it is 1887. Still works. Will post photo soon. Now I can sew next time we have a power outage!
  2. I'm almost finished with the scrapbook I thought I'd finish last Friday. I need a change of pace, so the next ones will be 8x8 instead of 12x12.
  3. After all morning scrapbooking, I spent all afternoon and into the evening quilting. Had planned on a minkee backing for the quilt I'm working on, but the tumbling block seams were too bulky and need batting to even out the texture.
  4. Having no batting, I finished off the evening experimenting with foiling, fabric beads, and silk painting as per instructions in the Surface Design book. Made a big mess, foil leaf pieces fluttering all over the place. Will post photos soon.

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