Monday, March 9, 2009

Color & Composition: Monochromatic

Ideally I would be following instructions and making this composition of fabric, but I looked through my stash and found almost nothing in the way of solids, and considered the two fabric sources in town and knew they would not have the all the colors I needed. With those limitations, I ended up doing this exercise with Photoshop, and probably experienced working with value just as well that way, and learned more about Photoshop, which is always a goal of mine.

The inspiration for this composition was to be taken from a small portion of our original contour drawing, which I did. What I didn't do -- I discovered too late (I thought I'd read all the info, but obviously skipped a section) -- there was to be a focal point created from the two colors at the extreme light and dark ends of the monochromatic scale. I don't plan to re-do this exercise, but will keep it in mind as a possibility if ever working with monochromatics again.

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