Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabric Art Workshop: Foil, Fabric beads, Shiva, Lasagne dyeing

Last night, since my quilt project was stopped by the lack of batting, I did some catch-up with the Surface Design book.

First I did foiling on fabric using fusible web and hot glue gun. The book did not mention what kind of foil to use, and no one in the group discussed it either, so I used the foil leaf I had on hand. On looking closely at the pictures in the book, I think they used plastic-backed foil. With little bits of foil leaf floating all around my studio, I do believe the other kind would be the best choice. I scanned my finished experiment, but the foil does not show up well on the print fabric I used. The dimensional foil shapes using hot glue were very interesting -- will use in the future!

Second I made fabric beads, similar to the paper magazine beads I made back in the early 70s, only much easier since fusible web was used to back the fabric. The drawback to the paper beads was the inevitable leakage of white glue resulting in sticky fingers. The beads above were made with Fairy Frost fabric. Having a variety, and using embellishments on the beads, would make them an interesting addition to a quilt. They would be a good project for a day when you don't want to have to think about what you're doing. The background is my experiment using Shiva Paintstiks. I don't know what future Shiva Paintstiks have in my work, but I'm glad to have them in my fabric-painting repertoire.

The last catch-up experiment was the least successful: lasagne dying with silk. I cut my five 6-inch squares of silk, stacked them, and applied the Dyna-flow paints, as per instructions. This morning I pulled them apart, and each layer was almost identical to the top layer. Neither had the paints wicked out laterally to the degree I had hoped. Today I will try again, perhaps adding more paint. I only have one piece of silk from which to cut, so experimenting with other types of weaves will have to come later.

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